SlowbotsI participated in the Global Game Jam again this year, resulting in a very silly fighting game called Slowbots.

This game is for two players only, and it requires two controllers.

Each player remotely controls a giant robot. The two opponents fight for supremacy, but their biggest obstacle might be the horrible lag on the controls. Commands are executed seconds later, resulting in hilarious brawls.

Download It Here


HotwireI just made a new game for the latest Purple Monkey Game Jam. In Hotwire, you’re driving in the big race, but your car is literally falling apart. As the vehicle is damaged during the race, you’ll need to rewire the game’s controls on the fly!

This game was created in two days with Henry Lutts, Joe Marchuk and Dakota Stagg.

Play It Here

Baby Boomer

Baby BoomerI attended the Global Game Jam again this year, and I have another game to show for it.

In a dystopian world, parents take their children to state run daycare centers operated by robots. Play the part of the daycare robot that must protect babies from hazards like fire pits, robodogs, and zombabies. Bring babies to their parents when they arrive, and protect your children and your commission as a daycare robot!

This game was created in two days with Noah Senzel, Max Harchik, Joe Marchuk and Richard Isaacs.

Download It Here

Sidescrolly Funtime

Sidescrolly FuntimeI participated in another game jam last weekend, and this game was the result! It seems like a standard platformer at first, but there’s a bit more to it than that. You’ll have to play it for yourself to see!

This game was created with Henry Lutts, David Yousefi, Ryan Horn and Raymond Wong.

Download It Here

New Monster Commander Demo

Monster Commander screen shot

I’ve been hard at work on Monster Commander, and I’ve decided it’s time to share some of the progress I’ve made. I updated the game’s early demo. While there are a number of small but significant additions to the AI and user interface, the most significant changes are new game modes. It’s now possible to generate a random battle, which can be played against the computer or a nearby friend. Random battles include a number of new monsters and spells. There are 11 monsters and 29 spells added so far.

As a reminder, the game is still very early in development, but there’s already plenty of fun to be had with it.

Download It Here (Windows only for now)

Blood for the Blood God

Blood for the Blood GodI made a game at the Global Game Jam this year.

The Blood God demands sacrifices! He has tasked you with throwing his innocent victims into a volcano. If only those pesky villagers wouldn’t keep interfering with your work! Gather sacrifices and gain favor with your dark lord while fighting off enemies in this fun twist on a tower defense game.

This game was created in two days for the 2016 Global Game Jam. I collaborated with Meghana Bhat, Julian Delerme, and Julian Sanchez.

Download It Here

Multiplayer Monster Commander

While Monster Commander is primarily going to be a single-player experience, it will also have a local multiplayer mode! I’ve been demoing the multiplayer in my area, and at the insistence of some of the people who’ve played it, I’m putting the multiplayer demo online.

Check it out on the Monster Commander page!

Monster Commander Demo

Monster Commander screen shot

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about Monster Commander, but I’ve been hard at work on it for some time now. While it’s still a very early work-in-progress, I’m releasing a demo for anyone interested in the game. It is entirely controlled by the mouse.

Monster Commander will be a tactical RPG with an emphasis on smart decision-making over grinding and luck. Your army will consist of monsters recruited from the ranks of your enemies. Each monster will have very different abilities, and forming the right team will be crucial to achieving victory.

Download It Here

Update to Dungenerations


DungenerationsI’ve just made a small update to Dungenerations, my procedurally-generated roguelike shooter about the connection between parents and children.

It was created in two days for the 2013 Global Game Jam, so I didn’t have time to add sound or fix every bug. Those oversights have now been addressed!

Download It Here

Band Maker Party Dungeon

Band Maker Party DungeonI attended another Purple Monkey Game Jam, and I have another game to show for it!

Form the ultimate band by combining the talents of outrageous musicians, and listen to them as they play together! Use the randomly-generated band names as inspiration. Make the people dance!

This game was created in two days for a game jam with Mat Solomon, Joe Marchuk, Brian Dorfman, Dan Williams, Tom Caron and Corey Fraser.

Download It Here