2013 Global Game Jam – Dungenerations

Another year, another Global Game Jam! I ended up working by myself this year, and my game idea was way too ambitious. It involved procedurally-generated levels, an inventory system, and a unique saved game mechanic. Somehow, I actually managed to finish it all, with the exception of sound effects and music.

The game surpassed all of my expectations when it won both the Audience Award and the Best Overall Game Award at the Jam site, Northeastern University. Not bad for something made by one person in less than two days!

Dungenerations is a procedurally-generated roguelike shooter about the connection between parents and children. Each time you start a new game, you play as the child of the previous player character. You can leave items with your children so that they will be available in the next playthrough, but any items on your person are lost forever when you die. Leaving behind a legacy is necessary to defeat the DungeonLord, since each character has a limited lifespan.

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