Announcing my next game: Monster Commander

Monster Commander

A few weeks ago, I started serious work on my next game project. I’m planning for this to be my first commercial project, so it will be significantly better than anything I’ve released before.

Monster Commander will be a tactical RPG with an emphasis on smart decision-making over grinding and luck. Your army will consist of monsters recruited from the ranks of your enemies. Each monster will have very different abilities, and forming the right team will be crucial to achieving victory. I’ve wanted to make this game for years, and it is exhilarating to see it start to become reality.

I’ll be posting major announcements about the game on this site, but if you are interesting in more details about the development, you can follow my devlog.

I’ve also prepared an early demo, for those curious. It only supports hotseat multiplayer right now, but the gameplay is mostly intact. The Overseers are just placeholders, though – the real commanders will be able to draw energy from the battlefield to cast spells. The objective is to destroy the other player’s Overseer. Most everything is controlled by the mouse. You can also use the number keys to select actions, and the arrow keys or spacebar to select monsters.

Download It Here

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