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Grand Theft Costume

Grand Theft CostumeI just finished another game at the latest Purple Monkey Game Jam.

You’ve escaped from prison on Halloween, and the cops are after you. Collect as much candy as you can before they catch you. Steal the costumes of trick-or-treaters to throw them off your trail.

This game was created in two days for a game jam.

Download It Here

Super Dracula Track and Field 1514

Super Dracula Track and Field 1514I created another fun little game for my third Purple Monkey Game Jam.

As Dracula, you need to run and jump past obstacles in order to reach your coffin before the sun rises. In darkness, you’re fast and invincible, but in light, you’re slow and vulnerable to attacks.

Use the arrow keys to run and jump. After draining the blood of 5 enemies, press Space to transform into a bat.

This game was created in two days with Takorn Sueksagan, Freddy Garcia, Jonathan Bowman and Changbai Li.

Play It Here


Sergeant Killington

Sergeant KillingtonI attended another game jam this weekend, and here’s the result!

This is the story of the greatest warrior of all time, Sergeant Killington. Delight as he runs and guns his way through hordes of enemies to get to his objective!

It’s not an art-game in disguise, I swear!

This game was created in two days with Vinny DaSilva. This is the only game on my site that I didn’t code myself. I created the art instead.

Play It Here

Wolfman Killer versus Dracula Hunter

Wolfman Killer versus Dracula HunterAnother game jam, another game!

This game is for two players only, and it requires two controllers.

One player is the Wolfman Killer and the other is the Dracula Hunter. The players must team up to fight massive numbers of wolfmans and draculas, while also fighting each other. To win, you need to outlast the monsters and the other player.

This game was created in two days for a game jam. I may expand the concept in the future.

Download It Here

A new game appears – Trashteroids

I spent last week attending a summer course on game development, so of course I have another game to show. In a lot of ways, the class was similar to a game jam.

Trashteroids is a fun little old-school arcade game. It’s not particularly deep, but it’s good for a bit of entertainment.

As an interplanetary trash collector, it is your job to dispose of floating garbage before it collides with an inhabited planet. Fly around with the arrow keys, and shoot garbage with the space bar after you’ve collected it.

2013 Global Game Jam – Dungenerations

Another year, another Global Game Jam! I ended up working by myself this year, and my game idea was way too ambitious. It involved procedurally-generated levels, an inventory system, and a unique saved game mechanic. Somehow, I actually managed to finish it all, with the exception of sound effects and music.

The game surpassed all of my expectations when it won both the Audience Award and the Best Overall Game Award at the Jam site, Northeastern University. Not bad for something made by one person in less than two days!

Dungenerations is a procedurally-generated roguelike shooter about the connection between parents and children. Each time you start a new game, you play as the child of the previous player character. You can leave items with your children so that they will be available in the next playthrough, but any items on your person are lost forever when you die. Leaving behind a legacy is necessary to defeat the DungeonLord, since each character has a limited lifespan.

It’s been quiet here lately…

I haven’t posted recently, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working on Monster Commander. I’ve been working diligently on the game’s artificial intelligence, but since it’s not as flashy as new monster information, I haven’t posted much about it. Expect updates to continue to come slowly for the next month or so, as I prepare for my college graduation.

Trolox (Pond Spirit)


Trolox dwell at the bottoms of overgrown ponds and swamps, rarely leaving their aquatic homes. Over the years, plants sprout from their bodies, making them difficult to distinguish from the places they inhabit. When they need to interact with the outside world, they command nearby plants to do their bidding.

Their command of plants makes trolox dangerous in battle. They can ensnare foes with thorny vines, making it difficult or impossible for them to move.

Pora (Medicine Spirit)

Poras are reclusive spirits that hide deep in the forest. Seeing one is very rare, and is considered a symbol of good luck. Stories are told of people who were hopelessly lost in the woods, only to wake up at the edge of the forest with their wounds healed.

Poras hate fighting and lack any sort of combat ability. However, as support units, few can compare. They can heal large amounts of damage, remove any sort of negative condition, and even grant temporary immunity from all attacks.

Monster Profile: Shrike (Sword Spirit)

Whenever a truly exceptional weapon is crafted, a shrikes comes into existence. They are initially reclusive, but if they ever come to possess their bonded weapon, they mature into incredible warriors. Their fighting skills are unmatched, since they are literally one with their blade.

Shrikes value nothing more than a challenging fight, regardless of the consequences the fight may have. As long as they are given plenty of opportunities for combat, Shrikes are willing to serve humans of all types, regardless of whether the human is a proper Commander. This makes them popular as elite mercenaries.

Shrikes begin each battle by meditating, which allows them to store up energy for later. They can unleash this energy to move or attack with impossible speed. With enough meditation, a Shrike can take down almost any foe before it even has a chance to react.

Shrikes look remarkably similar to humans, but they are actually composed of soft metal.