Small Games

The games on this page were all created for game jams, contests or classes. Due to the time constraints under which they were created, they are not quite as polished as my other games. That doesn’t mean they aren’t fun, though. The downloadable games on this page are for Windows only.

Band Maker Party Dungeon

Band Maker Party DungeonForm the ultimate band by combining the talents of outrageous musicians, and listen to them as they play together! Use the randomly-generated band names as inspiration. Make the people dance!

This game was created in two days for a game jam with Mat Solomon, Joe Marchuk, Brian Dorfman, Dan Williams, Tom Caron and Corey Fraser.

Download It Here


Sidescrolly Funtime

Sidescrolly FuntimeSidescrolly Funtime may seem like a standard platformer at first, but there’s a bit more to it than that. You’ll have to play it for yourself to see!

This game was created in two days for a game jam with Henry Lutts, David Yousefi, Ryan Horn and Raymond Wong.

Download It Here


Sergeant Killington

Sergeant KillingtonThis is the story of the greatest warrior of all time, Sergeant Killington. Delight as he runs and guns his way through hordes of enemies to get to his objective!

It’s not an art-game in disguise, I swear!

This game was created in two days with Vinny DaSilva. This is the only game on my site that I didn’t code myself. I created the art instead.

Play It Here


Viking Bazooka Bloodbath

Viking Bazooka Bloodbath screen shotFor hundreds of years, England has repulsed its viking invaders. Despite their crazy beards and wicked axes, vikings have never been able to conquer this small island. So how could a bunch of tea-sipping fops stop the manliest army the world has ever seen?

Because vikings didn’t have bazookas, that’s how.

Until now!

Features music by David Sulon.

Download It Here


Grand Theft Costume

Grand Theft CostumeYou’ve escaped from prison on Halloween, and the cops are after you. Collect as much candy as you can before they catch you. Steal the costumes of trick-or-treaters to throw them off your trail.

This game was created in two days for a game jam.

Download It Here


Baby Boomer

Baby BoomerIn a dystopian world, parents take their children to state run daycare centers operated by robots. Play the part of the daycare robot that must protect babies from hazards like fire pits, robodogs, and zombabies. Bring babies to their parents when they arrive, and protect your children and your commission as a daycare robot!

This game was created in two days for the 2017 Global Game Jam with Noah Senzel, Max Harchik, Joe Marchuk and Richard Isaacs.

Download It Here



DungenerationsDungenerations is a procedurally-generated roguelike shooter about the connection between parents and children.

Each time you start a new game, you play as the child of the previous player character. You can leave items with your children so that they will be available in the next playthrough, but any items on your person are lost forever when you die. Leaving behind a legacy is necessary to defeat the DungeonLord, since each character has a limited lifespan.

This game was created in two days for the 2013 Global Game Jam.

Download It Here


Super Dracula Track and Field 1514

Super Dracula Track and Field 1514As Dracula, you need to run and jump past obstacles in order to reach your coffin before the sun rises. In darkness, you’re fast and invincible, but in light, you’re slow and vulnerable to attacks.

Use the arrow keys to run and jump. After draining the blood of 5 enemies, press Space to transform into a bat.

This game was created in two days with Takorn Sueksagan, Freddy Garcia, Jonathan Bowman and Changbai Li.

Download It Here


Bullet Infinity

Bullet InfinityThis bullet hell shoot-em-up is different every time you play. The enemy bullet patterns are procedurally generated, so you never know what to expect.

Use the arrow keys to move your ship, and the Z key to attack.

This game was created as a class project. I am extremely pleased with how it turned out, and I may expand on the concept in the future.

Download It Here


Wolfman Killer versus Dracula Hunter

Wolfman Killer versus Dracula HunterThis game is for two players only, and it requires two controllers.

One player is the Wolfman Killer and the other is the Dracula Hunter. The players must team up to fight massive numbers of wolfmans and draculas, while also fighting each other. To win, you need to outlast the monsters and the other player. Each player gets a damage bonus against certain monsters, so you need to avoid killing each other too early.

This game was created in two days. I may expand the concept in the future.

Download It Here



TrashteroidsAs an interplanetary trash collector, it is your job to dispose of floating garbage before it collides with an inhabited planet. Fly around with the arrow keys, and shoot garbage with the space bar after you’ve collected it.

This game was created with a small team as a class project.

Play It Here



HotwireYou’re driving in the big race, but your car is literally falling apart. As the vehicle is damaged during the race, you’ll need to rewire the game’s controls on the fly!

This game was created in two days for a game jam with Henry Lutts, Joe Marchuk and Dakota Stagg.

Play It Here


Blood for the Blood God

Blood for the Blood GodThe Blood God demands sacrifices! He has tasked you with throwing his innocent victims into a volcano. If only those pesky villagers wouldn’t keep interfering with your work! Gather sacrifices and gain favor with your dark lord while fighting off enemies in this fun twist on a tower defense game.

This game was created in two days for the 2016 Global Game Jam. I collaborated with Meghana Bhat, Julian Delerme, and Julian Sanchez.

Download It Here


Twilit Universe

Twilit UniverseExplore the twilit seas as a spirit of light.

The game plays somewhat like a shoot-em-up. However, you have no physical form, and can only travel by moving your spirit from one body to another. Rather than shooting enemies, you must enter their bodies to restore them to their normal forms.

You will move with whatever body you currently inhabit. Click on another body to instantly move to its location. If the target was an enemy, this will restore it to normal. If you move off-screen or collide with bullets, spikes, or tentacles, you will take damage. On the other hand, if you pass over green items, you will be healed.

Download It Here


Navigating Nirvana

Nagivating NirvanaTo achieve Nirvana, you must pray at the shrine at the top of the temple. However, reaching this shrine will not be easy. It is a task that will take many lifetimes.

By praying at small shrines, you gain karma. Your karma determines what form you take when you are reincarnated. Each form has different abilities that will allow you to reach different parts of the temple.

Use the arrow keys to move, and the Z key to jump.

This game was created in two days with a team for the 2012 Global Game Jam.

Download It Here



ConveyorThis game requires four players.

There are a series of conveyor belts in a factory, carrying a variety of strange items. You need to catch the good items in a bucket, and avoid collecting the bad items.

However, moving the bucket requires the cooperation of all four players. The bucket’s position is determined by how many players are holding their buttons down. Trying to coordinate everyone is a chaotic, hilarious experience.

This game was created in six hours with Sam Roden and David Silverman.

Download It Here


I am Telekinetic

I am TelekineticUse psychic leaps to reach the end of this short platform game. The challenge is discovering for yourself how your powers work, and how they can be used to your advantage.

Use W, A, S, D and the mouse to control your character.

This game was created in six hours.

Download It Here


Neon Mural

Neon MuralThe objective of this abstract arcade game is to prevent the glowing balls from falling outside the stage. To do this, you must draw solid walls with the left mouse button. You also need to prevent the balls from taking much damage from enemies. You can defeat enemies by drawing plasma walls with the right mouse button. The walls don’t last long, so quick reflexes are necessary to earn a high score.

This game was created in six hours.

Download It Here


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