Monster Profile: Shrike (Sword Spirit)

Whenever a truly exceptional weapon is crafted, a shrikes comes into existence. They are initially reclusive, but if they ever come to possess their bonded weapon, they mature into incredible warriors. Their fighting skills are unmatched, since they are literally one with their blade.

Shrikes value nothing more than a challenging fight, regardless of the consequences the fight may have. As long as they are given plenty of opportunities for combat, Shrikes are willing to serve humans of all types, regardless of whether the human is a proper Commander. This makes them popular as elite mercenaries.

Shrikes begin each battle by meditating, which allows them to store up energy for later. They can unleash this energy to move or attack with impossible speed. With enough meditation, a Shrike can take down almost any foe before it even has a chance to react.

Shrikes look remarkably similar to humans, but they are actually composed of soft metal.

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