Why I do this

I haven’t earned a cent from The Ultimate Celebration, but it’s all worthwhile when I hear that someone found every single friend. Doing so is very difficult and requires some considerable dedication. When I released the game, I wasn’t sure that anyone would accomplish this, but several have. This says to me that, at least to those people, the game is something special.

A number of people have written about the game by now, but it’s especially nice when they take the time to really understand the game. The best write-up I found is this one, from Jay is Games. Jeremy Hobbs understood exactly the feel I was trying to create through the game. This guest review on the TIGSource forums and the feedback I received from an IGF judge are also fantastic.

I also received nice posts from the Indie Games Blog, Indie Game Magazine, Get Indie Games (French), and Idealsoft (Italian). The game touched a lot of people, and I consider that success.

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